How to choose the perfect name for your blog


Have you ever woken up in the morning with a desire to make your thoughts heard everywhere in the world? Did this idea stick to your brain from the very beginning of the day until the dawn came across? We know how it feels, but when desire is the one you are dealing with, make sure you go with the flow! Blogging is always a good idea, regardless of age, location or subject. In short, an easy task!

Still, you may say it looks like a tough one, since you are ought to keeping an eye on so many things, and when it comes to starting it, finding a suitable and flawless name that is not yet taken surely feels like a pain in the neck!

But what about giving you a hand in how to choose the perfect name for your blog? Make sure you stick with us and keep reading, the online blog generators are about to work it out!


Have you already found the domain of interest you are going to write about? Good. Now all you need to do is to choose a word that represents you, your subjects or the blog itself. For instance, if you will be writing about fashion, style or subtlety suits perfectly to the blog name! Still, if you are going to deal with another domain of interest such as profits and finance, money is a term that has to be mentioned in the title.

After choosing at least one word, all you need to do from now on is to add it/them on the ‘Put’ section and fill the other fields as you like. Pretty helpful for a blog name generator, isn’t it?


Just like to the previous online blog name generator, Dotomator comes in handy to anyone looking for a fresh start on how to choose the perfect name for your blog. All the instructions pop out from the very beginning, letting you know what steps to follow in order to get the outcome expected. By this way, you will get a genuine and really interesting title, after which you will be able to check its availability right away.

Believe it or not, this one is a truly genius invention since there’s little time to get used to the name generated – so your brain will not suffer a shock if the domain is already taken!

These being said, the two blog name generators presented above are the most useful and fastest to get you in the business! Finding a suitable name for your blog is the first and probably most demoralizing step in case you can’t find a proper one, but if followed, the tips presented above will help you work it out!



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