How to Save Money During College


This is a sensitive issue that one must approach with patience and perseverance. I would like to state from the very beginning that there are several cultural differences between the American people and the Europeans, so I do not want you guys to start arguing about my suggestions.

The Americans are known as being more individualistic and thus parents are willing to take their hands off from their children once they started college. That means that the recently become “college students” need to look for their own jobs and have to work in order to make a living. It happens because they cannot wait any longer for their parents to offer their financial support.
On the other hand, the situations looks totally different for the students in the European countries that are encouraged by their parents to continue their studies and give up working from an early age. Most of them did not have the chance to study and become important people, so now they put their hopes into their children’s future.
This is the point where I wanted to start this analyzing this issue. There are several means that help you save money during college and part of them are strongly connected to your social background.


First of all, you need a strategy. At the end of every month make some calculations related to the sum of money that can allow you lead a decent life during the following 30 days. Show your parents the chart with all your expenses and let them know that the sum you are asking for is not a fantastic one, but simply connected to the real world. Thus you won’t have to starve or borrow money from your friends because you were not able to prioritize your own pleasures. The smart part comes right now: as you ask for a large amount of money that is totally justified, don’t forget to add some “absolutely necessary” elements that you could easily live without, but your parents have no idea about your switch.


If somebody needs you to make something for them, like a favor or service and they feel the necessity to reward you for your efforts, do not refrain from helping them every time they need you again. At first you can prove your amiability and reject any type of reward, but the second time they will be even more willing to pay you for your good intentions.


You never know how much of a source of inspiration you could be for the people around you. If you take care of yourself, if you invest in your brains and body, you may have plenty of advantages. For example, if somebody asks you to join them in an event and make some photos, you can surely save up some money for yourself. Apart from being a model, there are people, maybe colleagues of yours who may need you to teach how to do their homework, make their projects or even improve their language skills. Get ready to respond to any type of request like these!


Whether you are good at writing, speaking, translating or programming, it is your chance to improve your venues or even start making new ones! You may be talented to working in IT, business, finance or languages and cultures. Make a list with your highest skills and do not waste your time any longer! There are plenty of projects that you could start taking care of, so all you have to do is to publish your profile and allow new employers to get in touch with you!



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      Fidnnig this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

  • Allie

    (May 7, 2016 - 7:55 AM)

    D’accord avec la critique. La série me captive et j’aime beaucoup son ambiance dé&espérées#8230; Il y a tellement de gens qui descendent la série que j’ai presque honte de l’adorer ces derniers temps ^^

    • Destiny

      (July 20, 2016 - 10:39 AM)

      That’s a clever answer to a tricky qusieton

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