Successful People Who Failed at First


What differentiates us as human beings? Apart from looks, brains and social background, is there anything else that could include us in a certain category and delete us from another one?

Who should we blame for our failures and when we allow them to come into our lives? Is it because we were forgotten by luck or somebody worked against us and against our own life? Why is it that some people had the chance to be defeated from any evil and others were turned into victims?

It’s to raise questions, but what about trying to find some valuable answers? What if we try looking around us and learn something from others’ experiences? We may improve our list of principles or even create a straight path for our mentality!

Three of the most discussed personalities that had to overcome failure in their lives are Henry FordBill Gates and Walt Disney. These are examples that everybody talks about and maybe there is one reason they remained in the memory of the society. One doesn’t have the chance to meet such people for real, but surely getting information about their backgrounds could work as a motivational source for each one of us.

How about Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein? Pretty famous names in science, but their lives revealed new lessons to be studied in psychology and philosophy as well? Surely, I the philosophy of success and the psychology of a winner!

All these names serve as genuine proves of the fact that there is no excuse for someone who fails at first and never tries anything harder! One cannot hide himself behind a big NO and turn his back to the wide range of opportunities offered by this world. It’s a double failure that can cost him his life and potentially future achievements and it can even encourage laziness and indifference within his social circle… if that circle still exists around him.

It’s a general and 100% checked fact that a miserable man is more likely to be left alone, not only for his misfortune, but also for his bad attitude, his harmful ideology of life and his contagious sickness. Who needs suffering people around them? Who needs individuals who gave up hope and announced their failure before the war ended?

What if Henry Ford, famous for his line of cars built in America, would have closed the door of his house after the five failures he suffered before becoming successful? And what about Bill Gates, who made a huge mistake with his associate Paul Allen, while Microsoft was a merely known company? What would have happened if he gave up hope and returned to his boring lifestyle, as an employee? He definitely got brains, so there would have been enough people urging to have him working for them as a slave!

And if these examples are not convincing, take the story of Walt Disney! He was told once that he had no imagination that the good ideas were missing from his brain but the future proved a different profile of his! Yes, he had to overcome other failures, even banckrupcy was one of his obstacles, but his movies and characters are now known worldwide and his name is associated with creativity and guess what else? IMAGINATION!

It is also funny how Albert Einstein won a Nobel Prize in Modern Physics, after having been declared so full of shortcomings! Some said that he was mentally ill when he was young, whereas his application to a physics university in Zurich was rejected due to his lack of potential. And Isaac Newton was so unqualified at working for his family farm that his uncle had the only chance to send his study. It appears that this activity was more suitable for this genius.

If you are young and you definitely willing to be successful, start by looking at these people before giving up at the first failure that comes into your way! You may not be a genious, but with the right motivational skills you may climb mountains!



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