Top 3 Most Frustrating Jobs


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your job? The traffic jam seems to get on your nerves? Working is not at all times a pleasant thing to do, let alone something that gives you satisfaction. Still, there are some jobs that can be easily mentioned in top 5 most frustrating! Stick with us and keep reading the next few lines to see what domains we are talking about – not only will you feel a hundred times better about your present job, but also see the best part of the story!


How would you feel working with expensive material, knowing that it will never be yours? There is no person trying to understand how a gold-worker feels at the end of the day, without wanting to steal some grams or kilograms of gold to pay for a luxurious vacation – and there is no wonder why, since the temptation is everywhere in this field. In addition, whether you already knew this aspect or not, as a gold-worker you are not allowed to wear any jewelry, let alone take something with you from the factory – all the gold-workers go through a security check before going home. Pretty frustrating to know you have the key to the life you have always been craving for in your hands, but it cannot be taken advantage of, don’t you think?

Money Mold Factory worker

Haven’t heard of it before? Everyone has definitely thought at least once in his life about the idea of having a money mold in their own house – to print as much money as time. Unfortunately, it is illegal and probably the most frustrating job to have in your mind. And this is just a thought! But how would you feel working at a money mold factory, where you see millions (if not billions) of bills being printed per minute? The most unpleasant part in here is the fact that your salary is a veeery very tiny part you see there. Such a job suits perfectly the type of men who resist temptation of any kind.


Mostly known as a stable work place, being a secretary can most of the times be a pain the back. Let’s not forget what a secretary job is – not only is she organizing all the stuff in the desk, create the schedule for your boss, prepare the coffee every morning, talk with people and try to avoid getting them on your nervs. On top of that, you always have someone who is superior and whom you will not be able to exceed – your boss.



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