Why to Invest in Yourself


They say time is money. Once you waste your time, your dollars start running away from your pocket. But what is money without wisdom? It’s like a stunning dress covered in Swarovski diamonds, but made from the poorest material that cannot even keep all the pieces of jewelry placed on its surface. Or, even worse! It’s like a Ferrari with no engine!
You may lose your money, but nobody has the power to steal your brains, your knowledge and most of all, your POTENTIAL. It is a particular ingredient that at any moment has the power to bring you back to where you were before bad luck struck into your way. And to be honest, it can happen to almost anyone in this world! History has already proved it!
If you have money and you really got brains, you are powerful. It is a simple yet hard-to-follow path that can assure you a wealthy life with no worries. While money is an easy-to-spend resource that you can spend within a couple of seconds, it takes years to build a wise brain and even hard work to consolidate your project. The only difference is that this project of your will never belong to someone else but you.
I’ve been wondering for years what would be best for me to look after. Should I change my dressing every two weeks in order to maintain my level of popularity and be successful? Would it have been a better idea if I tried to listen to my parents’ advice and remain a plain worker or should I follow my intuition and try to obtain the best version of mine? After all, it would combine all the other small goals that my friends or enemies could have ever thought about…
My business is called ME! I like thinking that I have a spirit of entrepreneur, but I never had the confidence to risk on it. However, I found no risk into becoming an entrepreneur of myself. I’m like a business. I need resources in order to produce profit. I need time in order to extend my branches and constant work that can assure my quality level.



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